Maison Pellessimo is above all
a family affair,
which has transmitted its Passion for Leather
for more than 35 years !

Richard Bohbot is a young man full of ambition. After working at a precursor of the trend of the 80s, which exclusively sells leather and fur, he falls in love with this area and decided to dedicate it.
Eric Bohbot, is meanwhile specialized in the selection and cutting of skin. Two skills they unite to make clothes in a noble matter, lambskin, which was a huge success.
Thus was born the house Pellessimo. Eventually, the brothers are interested in a market that seems to them more attractive, the woman, with the main objective to provide them with a "second skin".


Their collection is built around flexible and comfortable rooms, while playing on the sophistication and glamor. Many famous brands have been sensitive to their creations and were among their most loyal customers.
L’engouement autour de leur savoir-faire, les amène à développer également un nouveau produit tendance, la fourrure.


The excitement around their expertise, also leads them to develop a new product trend fur. A day techniques and innovations, home of Pellessimo mode, coupled with a unique understanding of the skin and their metamorphosis, creates combinations of materials that make their singularity today.
An originality that allows them to export abroad, as they grow in the US, Russian, Asian but also the Middle East.
At the forefront of new trends, today is the son of Richard Bohbot, Kevin who, joining the company in the last few years, provides a more current vision, a touch of freshness and innovation, while following the line of conduct of his predecessors to take over.

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